Why Saber Feedback?

Saber Feedback is a simple visual feedback tool that works on your website, web app or online course. It helps you solve these challenges:

  • Not knowing what your customers think of your product, website or course so you make assumptions that may be wrong

  • Missing out on growth opportunities that only surface when you partner closely with your customers

  • Outdated content, bugs and typos that look unprofessional

  • Complicated and inefficient ticketing systems that don’t support screenshots or direct ‘on page’ feedback

Who uses Saber Feedback?

Saber Feedback is used by a wide variety of different companies, from bootstrapped startups through to major brands like Confused.com. You can see some real-life use cases on this page.

We’ve deliberately kept Saber Feedback simple to use, flexible, and reasonably priced.

Listening to the voices of your customers on an ongoing basis helps you grow a strong, successful business, where customers know that you take their feedback seriously and that you care about their overall user experience, from adoption right through to 5-years-later and still happy.