As we are based in Spain, which is in the European Union, we are regulated by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are fully compliant with the GDPR.


Saber Feedback is a “data processor”, according to the GDPR definition. We process your users’ feedback and related data on your behalf.

  1. We use data from your users solely for reasons directly related to providing the core features of Saber Feedback. We do not use any personal data from your users for marketing, profiling or similar purposes. Data collected is limited to email address, full name, IP address, browser user agent string, and browser cookies. IP address, browser user agent string, and browser cookies are used solely as a technical aid to help our customers reproduce and resolve issues reported by their users.
  2. Saber Feedback has “right to be forgotten” procedures in place. We fully delete a customer’s data on request. We keep data for trial customers and cancelled customers until they request the data to be deleted. The sole reason for holding onto the data is to allow customers to reactivate their account when they wish.
  3. When a customer’s data is deleted, all feedback buttons, forms and metadata are deleted. The only identifying customer data we keep long term after account deletion is the data to meet our legal requirements for our bookkeeping duties. Precisely, we keep a record of all invoices and payments with enough information to meet our legal requirements.
  4. When an individual or organisation creates a trial account, but never converts the trial account to a paid subscription, the account is not deleted until requested by the account owner.
  5. Saber Feedback has less than 250 employees, which means we don’t have to keep records of data processing activities.
  6. Saber Feedback takes all reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of any personnel who have access to personal data. Saber Feedback has in place all reasonable technical and organisational measures to keep all personal data confidential and secure and to protect personal data against accidental loss or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure or access.
  7. Saber Feedback is primarily hosted on Linode, a cloud hosting service. We regularly perform audits to ensure we are following recommended security guidelines on Linode for data protection.

What data do we collect?

On our public website (“marketing site”)

On our website we use Google Analytics to help us understand, in anonymised form, how the site is being used. We use Google Analytics’ anonymizeIp option to ensure that Google Analytics does not store personally identifying information. Google Privacy Compliance Policy

For speed we deliver some website resources, including fonts and JavaScript libraries, using public third-party content delivery networks (CDNs).

Videos available on our website are hosted on YouTube. Google Privacy Policy for YouTube

Our public website is hosted on Cloudflare. Cloudflare Privacy Policy

Our support emails are managed by Google G Suite. Google G Suite Privacy FAQ

Our users on our web application (the “Saber Feedback service”)

When you create an account on Saber Feedback we store your HTTP referrer. We do this solely for purposes of internal data analysis. This information is stored in our database, which is hosted on Linode, and is not shared with other services.

We send transactional emails to registered users of Saber Feedback via the email delivery service Postmark, which is operated by Wildbit LLC. Wildbit Privacy Policy

Saber Feedback offers several optional integrations. When you enable an integration, your data will be shared with the integrated service only to the minimum extent necessary to provide the functioning integration.

Your users on our web application (the “Saber Feedback service”)

When your users post feedback via the Saber Feedback service, we store your user’s full name, email address, IP address, browser user agent string, browser language setting, list of browser plugins, and HTTP referrer. This data is used to perform the functions of the Saber Feedback service.

User information is stored in our database, which is hosted on Linode.

We never send emails to your users of Saber Feedback.

Your users can upload screenshots to Saber Feedback; these are generated using Sauce Labs. No personally identifying information is supplied to Sauce Labs. Sauce Labs Privacy Policy

Financial transaction information

If you become a paying customer, you will need to provide us and one of our payment partners FastSpring or Stripe with valid billing information. We will be able to see your name, billing address, email address, and VAT number (if you have provided one). We are not able to see your credit card number.

As you would expect of any business, we share transaction data with our accountants and with the relevant tax authorities when we pay VAT and file our annual tax return.

Data Processing Agreement

Becoming a customer of our service implies acceptance of our Data Processing Agreement, unless otherwise explicitly agreed with us in writing.

Need more information about Saber Feedback and the GDPR? Write to [email protected].