Where can you use Saber Feedback?

Saber Feedback is a flexible website feedback tool that can be used in a number of different ways. You can use it:

  1. To gather feedback on websites
  2. To gather feedback on internal testing sites
  3. To gather feedback on online courses (including within learning management systems)
  4. To gather feedback on web apps

However, it can’t be used to gather feedback within mobile apps or emails.

1. To gather feedback on websites

Saber Feedback provides a customisable feedback button that sits direct on your website. This makes it easy for your customers to give you instant feedback without leaving the page they are on.

You can choose to use the same website feedback button throughout your site, or to use it for gathering specific feedback on certain content.

For example, CodersRank gathers specific feedback on only the ‘leaderboard’ section of their website.

Confused.com use Saber Feedback to gather feedback on their ‘Get a quote’ section.

You can also use different feedback forms on different sections of your website. You can create three different feedback forms on our cheapest plan ($49/month); more on our other plans. See pricing.

2. To gather feedback on internal testing sites

Saber Feedback can be particularly useful for collecting feedback internally because we support screenshots and automatically include this technical information:

  • Browser name & version
  • Operating System name & version
  • List of Browser Plugins installed
  • Screens size and resolution
  • User IP, User agent string & location
  • Detailed Javascript Errors
  • Pages visited
  • AJAX Requests

This set up should make it easy for you to gather actionable feedback without spending ages asking your team or your beta testers what exactly they mean or what operating system they are using.

If you have an internal testing site you can just add the Saber Feedback embed code to that site.

However if you want Saber Feedback on your live site but only shown to you team members you’ll need some kind of conditional logic that would only include the Saber Feedback embed code for specific users. Contact us if you need any extra help.

3. To gather feedback on online courses

Online courses are increasingly popular and profitable. However, you can only assess the quality, accuracy and value of your course by asking your students and staff for feedback, preferably on an ongoing basis.

Saber Feedback should work on almost any online course, no matter what platform or learning management system you choose. Here are our specific installation instructions for Moodle.

Dr Edward Banham-Hall runs online courses designed to help doctors earn their membership of the Royal College of Physicians. He uses Saber Feedback because:

We have to feel completely confident in the quality of our course and depend on high student satisfaction to remain in business. Without that, we really couldn’t exist. That can be really challenging because medical guidelines change all the time, science moves forwards, and it is really easy for our content to become stale.

4. To gather feedback on web apps

Saber Feedback can be used to gather feedback from customers using your webs apps. This can simplify your customer support processes considerably, as users have a quick way to send feedback (including screenshot feedback), without having to find a ‘contact’ form or dig out your support section.

Saber Feedback also makes it easy for your customers to include screenshots of any problems (or anything that seems relevant to them) which cuts down on back and forth emails due to unclear meaning.

Typing Master uses Saber Feedback on their web app as a quick option for users to send feedback with screenshots. These go straight to their help desk. They also like that Saber Feedback is GDPR compliant.