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Articles covering a range of subjects including LMS software, e-Learning guides & techniques, and an in-depth look at the trials and tribulations of running a small, self-funded software as a service business.

Even the UK Government can’t get GDPR right

18 Oct 2018

It’s been five months since the GDPR rules came into effect, and while the idea was a good one, the rules themselves are at times ill-defined and open to interpretation, and left a lot of people very confused. This weekend I learned that even the UK Government themselves can’t quite get it right.

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In-depth WPLMS LMS Review

18 Sep 2018

WPLMS is a great affordable WordPress learning management system. This review will look at the good and bad aspects of WPLMS, and to whom it is best suited.

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In-depth LearnDash LMS Review

06 Sep 2018

Launched in 2013, LearnDash has become hugely popular, and is a worthy competitor to the older, more well known options. This review will look at the good and bad aspects of LearnDash, and to whom it is best suited.

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In-depth Moodle LMS Review

29 Aug 2018

Moodle has been around since 2002, so it's a very mature technology, with just about every feature you could possibly require of a Learning Management System. This review will look at the good and bad aspects of Moodle, and to whom it is best suited.

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Why your E-Learning Business needs a Feedback Tool

15 Aug 2018

While the Saber Feedback tool is a fantastic addition to any site, it offers particularly useful features for eLearning and instructional design businesses. In this blog post I take a look at how Saber has enabled a thriving eLearning hub for doctors to develop and grow.

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The Missing Income Report

11 Aug 2018

So this is new low for me, I managed to miss three monthly income reports. I’ve been a little late before, but this is taking the piss. In my defence, I have been very busy rebranding BugMuncher, which you may have noticed is now called Saber.

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MacBook Pro Keyboard Recall: My Ridiculous Experience

06 Aug 2018

In October 2016, Apple launched their new MacBook Pro lineup, which included the controversial Touch Bar, and new “butterfly” keyboard design. It wasn’t long before people started having issues with the new keyboards, to the extent that Apple recently issued a recall. I’m one of the many who was afflicted by keyboard issues, and this is my frankly ridiculous tale of getting it fixed.

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BugMuncher rebrands to Saber

30 Jul 2018

What's happening with BugMuncher? Well, I finally bit the bullet and executed the name change I've been threatening to do for literally years. Say hello to "Saber".

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Do you really need a website feedback tool?

10 May 2018

Do you really need a website feedback tool? This may come as a surprise considering this is the blog of BugMuncher, a website feedback tool, but the answer is not always yes.

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April 2018 Income Report

01 May 2018

April was a strange one - it felt to me like a good month, but in terms of revenue growth, it was actually rather mediocre. Especially when compared to April last year. I suspect the reason is that I gained two new middle plan customers near the beginning of the month, which set the optimistic tone. So losing one bottom plan subscriber later in the month didn’t come as such a blow.

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