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April 2019 Income Report

01 May 2019

And there was me thinking nothing really happened in March, when along comes April to claim the “nothing to see here” award:

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March 2019 Income Report

03 Apr 2019

March was one of those weird months were very little happened. On the plus side I did get a new paying customer, and actually saw a tiny bit of growth, so March definitely kicked February’s ass.

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How to Kick Ass at Customer Support

12 Mar 2019

I’ve never been one to shy away from discussing my weaknesses on this blog, particularly my complete ineptitude at marketing, but today I’d like to talk about one of my strengths - customer support.

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February 2019 Income Report

04 Mar 2019

Wow, so February was bad. I haven’t calculated all the figures yet, as I like to write this intro before I figure out the actual numbers, but I do know that for the first time since August 2015, I didn’t get any new paying customers at all this month. In fact, it’s the only time this has happened since I started working full time on Saber. I did, however, manage to loose three paying customers, so yeah, not great:

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January 2019 Income Report

01 Feb 2019

January was an interesting month, I worked harder on Saber than I have for a long time, probably since I launched the re-brand. Unfortunately, I currently I don’t have much to show for all this work, as I’ve been working on a big update, which I’m planning to launch in February.

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Website Feedback Tool vs Live Chat Widget

22 Jan 2019

While on the surface it may seem like website feedback tools and live chat widgets serve a very similar purpose, they in which they work, and how they are best used are actually very different. So which is best for you?

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It's OK to reject potential customers

14 Jan 2019

I believe it's ok to tell potential customers that you don't want their business, before they've even become paying customers. This is something I've actually done before.

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Brexit is making me rich (and I hate it)

07 Jan 2019

Brexit, bloody Brexit. If you’re in the UK, there’s no escaping the talk of Brexit. Not even this little blog is safe. It’s not surprising really, considering in a little over two months, the UK will be leaving the EU, and yet still no one has any idea what leaving the EU will actually entail.

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...and we're back! - December 2018 Income Report

02 Jan 2019

So the last time I posted an income report was August. Shit, that’s a long time. But, a lot has happened since then - I moved house in October, and more importantly, in December I became a father! The arrival of our baby girl is the main reason this blog has been a little neglected.

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Even the UK Government can’t get GDPR right

18 Oct 2018

It’s been five months since the GDPR rules came into effect, and while the idea was a good one, the rules themselves are at times ill-defined and open to interpretation, and left a lot of people very confused. This weekend I learned that even the UK Government themselves can’t quite get it right.

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