Saber is Fully Customizable

Create your perfect feedback button

With Saber you can completely customize the appearance of the feedback button, all from the comfort of the control panel. You can quickly and easily change the colors, position, text and more.

You can also hide the default feedback button entirely, and instead use a custom button or element on your webpage to trigger Saber.

Form Builder

Saber's comprehensive form builder allows you to choose the fields for your feedback form, as well the order in which they're displayed, and if the fields are required or optional.

Available feedback fields include:

  • Feedback Category
  • Customer Name
  • Email Address
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Rating
  • Feedback Priority
  • Load Speed

Add your Brand

You can upload custom CSS rules to customize the appearance if the feedback form, and even add your own logo, so that it fits in with your brand.

Saber - Quick and Easy Website Feedback