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From Side Project to Profitable Startup - Part 3 - Shit shit shit shit shit!

03 Nov 2015

Shit shit shit shit shit! That's a lot of shit. Much like Four Weddings and a Funeral, my October started with a lot of good old middle-class, English, swearing. In September I had increased the price of BugMuncher's Corporate plan, but I was grandfathering my existing subscribers, so what could possibly go wrong?

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From Side Project to Profitable Startup - Part 2 - Suspiciously Optimistic

29 Oct 2015

September got off to a flying start, as on the first day of the month I received an email notification that a free trial user had converted to a paid subscription, on the Start Up $49 / month plan. It didn't take me long to break my “focus all energy on marketing” goal, about 3 minutes I believe. The very first thing I did as a full time founder was open up Sublime Text and start coding.

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Content Marketing Doesn't Work (Except When it Does)

27 Oct 2015

I love content marketing. Well, I love the idea of content marketing. Actually, it's not so much that I love content marketing, it's more that I dislike what I refer to as traditional marketing.

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From Side Project to Profitable Startup - Part 1 - I'm Scared

22 Oct 2015

Hi There, I'm Matt, BugMuncher's Founder and only employee, and I'm scared: I'm scared of writing this series of blog posts, I'm scared of giving up my lucrative freelance career, and I'm that scared that posting a big picture of my face will seem unprofessional and narcissistic. And yet I'm doing all three of those things.

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5 Reasons I Get Nothing Done When Working From Home

16 Oct 2015

Most days I operate out a local co-working space, but sometimes I’ll work from home. I’ve noticed I’m less productive when I’m working from home, here are the five most common reasons why:

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Your Start Up's free trial is too damn long!

14 Oct 2015

How long is your SaaS Start Up’s free trial? 14 days? 30 days? 60 days? Well what ever it is, the chances are it’s too long. You’re not alone though, as until recently, BugMuncher’s free trial was too damn longtm as well. I’d always offered a free trial of 30 days, for no reason other than that’s what lots of other start ups were offering. Having given it some thought, and done some analysis, it turned out 30 days was about 27 more than most people needed. As a result, BugMuncher now offers a much saner 10 day free trial.

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The Perfect Bug Report

13 Oct 2015

Bug reports aren’t about fixing issues, not directly anyway, they’re about giving the person on the receiving end enough information to be able to consistently reproduce the bug. That way it not only be easier for them to fix, they’ll also be able to create a test for it, and ensure it stays fixed.

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5 True Bootstrapped Start Ups that have never taken Funding

08 Oct 2015

I’ve seen a lot of articles that list “boostrapped start ups”, yet they all seem to include companies that started out as bootstrappers, but eventually took funding. Names like 37 Signals (now Basecamp), Github, GoPro, AppSumo and Freshbooks frequently feature on these lists, but if you Google any of those company names with the term ‘funding’, you’ll quickly find not one of them are bootstrapped any more.

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How I Accidentally Killed Conversions

29 Sep 2015

This story takes place in early 2014, so cast your mind back: Bitcoin was riding a sharp decline from its lofty value of over $1,000 per btc. Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ was being played on a non-stop loop. And the Lego Movie was making me wonder if a Lego Minifig’s hand really was the perfect size to hold a lolly-pop stick like a staff. Ah, happier times.

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Sometimes Bootstrapped is Better

23 Sep 2015

I’ve had this post bouncing around my head for a little while now, but I’d been reluctant to write it for two reasons: First, as the founder of a bootstrapped start up, I’m probably (definitely) biased. And second, I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers by voicing this opinion. But then, what is life without a little controversy?

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