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What Happens When The Runway Runs Out?

06 Apr 2016

Unless you either live in Silicon Valley, or, like me, spend far too much of your time reading about people who live in Silicon Valley, you may be unfamiliar with the term ‘runway’ in this context. When talking about startups, runway is simply a measure of how long a not-yet-profitable startup has left to live.

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A Thing That I Do (Which may or may not help)

18 Mar 2016

A lot of my blog posts seem to start with some story from my past, and I see no need to buck that trend now - to the time machine!

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From Side Project to Profitable Startup - Part 12 - February's Figures

11 Mar 2016

If you read last month's update, you'll know February had a lot to live up to. Like the proverbial middle child, overshadowed by an older sibling, February didn't stand a chance. I mean, it's not even got as many days as January, how could it possibly compete?

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How to Choose an Email Service to Replace Mandrill

04 Mar 2016

When I think about what's been going on with Mandrill recently, one word comes to mind - “Clusterfuck”. Many Mandrill customers are now looking for alternative services, so this post compares the competition.

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5 WordPress Plugins you almost definitely need

03 Mar 2016

Once upon a time, before I started working full time on BugMuncher, I was a freelance website developer. Ruby on Rails was (and still is) my weapon of choice. Going even further back in time, before I discovered the beauty of Ruby on Rails, I worked in PHP, and built a lot of websites using WordPress.

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From Side Project to Profitable Startup - Part 11 - On Little Failures

24 Feb 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that I have failed. By failed I don't mean “Total Mission Failure”, BugMuncher growth is still on target. It's more like the failure of an optional side quest.

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From Side Project to Profitable Startup - Part 10 - January's Journal

11 Feb 2016

January. It's always a bit of a 'meh' month. Christmas and New Year have come and gone, everyone's back to work, and the weather (in England at least) is shit. In fact, the third Monday in January is known as Blue Monday, due to it being the most depressing day of the year. Over all, January is not a happy month.

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2015 In Review

05 Feb 2016

One thing you may have noticed with these blog posts, is that almost all the figures and data start from September 2015, when I started working on BugMuncher full time. Now that 2015 is over, it seems like a good time to look back on the year in its entirety, comparing things now to how they were when BugMuncher was just my side-project. I’ll also be looking at my plans for 2016.

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From Side Project to Profitable Startup - Part 9 - Sacrifice

26 Jan 2016

You may have noticed in Part 8 that my savings didn't drop very much through December when compared to previous months. There's a good reason for that - Sacrifice. I've always said that if computers didn't exist I'd be a mechanic. For as long as I can remember two things have really fascinated me: computers, and cars.

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You'll Never Really Be Your Own Boss

11 Jan 2016

A little while ago I was thinking about what it is that makes me want to run my own business, it’s a question that often plagues me during the dark, uncertain times - “Why the hell am I doing this?” Usually I settle on the same few reasons:

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