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Programming Challenge: Mission Accomplished

27 Sep 2016

It was a hell of a week, but I managed to complete my self-set programming challenge. Total time spent on the challenge was 32.25 hours, which may not seem like much, but considering I still had to complete the normal day-to-day running of BugMuncher tasks, and I don't buy in to the whole you must work 80 hour weeks to be successful bullshit, it was a pretty full on week of programming.

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Programming Challenge Day 5 - Fuck Basecamp

26 Sep 2016

Maybe I was starting feel the strain of pushing out all these API integrations in quick succession, but fuck Basecamp. Seriously, fuck it. Right in the ear. I had high hopes of Basecamp, after all, it was created by the same people who created Ruby on Rails, and I love Ruby on Rails.

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Programming Challenge Day 4 - GitLab

22 Sep 2016

GitLab seems to have very quickly come out of nowhere as a great contender to GitHub and Bitbucket for code hosting. I already have GitHub and Bitbucket integrations for BugMuncher, so of course I needed complete the holy trinity.

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Programming Challenge Day 3 - MailChimp

21 Sep 2016

I finished yesterday's post saying that I knew the MailChimp would take a lot of work. This prediction had nothing to do with MailChimp's API, it was because the MailChimp integration is very different to all the rest I've built so far.

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Programming Challenge Day 2 - Pivotal Tracker

20 Sep 2016

Day 1 went pretty well, but wasn't without its problems, and ended up taking around 7 hours. Pivotal Tracker on the other hand slotted in to place like a well lubricated jigsaw piece.

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From Side Project to Profitable Startup - Part 20 - BugMuncher goes Freemium (and I'll probably regret it)

20 Sep 2016

The Internet is littered with the corpses of SaaS startups that were eaten by their own business model. On the face of it, the freemium approach just doesn't make sense - when the majority of your users aren't paying for your service, you're going to need a lot of cash to burn in order to subsidise the free users.

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Programming Challenge Day 1 - Asana

19 Sep 2016

After a false start last week, today I finally began my programming challenge. Today's integration was Asana, one of the most requested integrations. It wasn't quite as quick and easy as Slack, but I was able to finish the Asana integration in one day, here's how that day went.

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From Side Project to Profitable Startup - Part 19 - August's Alright

12 Sep 2016

Last month I ended by saying that it felt like I was at a turning point, as maintaining 10% average month on month growth was only going to get harder, maths (or math, to my trans-Atlantic readers) is a cruel mistress. I was also feeling confident though, the new version was finally live, and I was able to put time into marketing again.

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Programming Challenge: Five API Integrations in Five Days

09 Sep 2016

A couple of weeks ago I finally caved to peer pressure and tried Slack. Much to my surprise, it turned out to be a really great way of avoiding work, and sending cat gifs to people. Also you can use it for meaningful communication, or something.

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My Timeline of Failed Business Ideas

30 Aug 2016

Thomas Edison famously once said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work", and I can relate. With the exception of my freelance developer days, BugMuncher is my first successful venture. The truth is, I've been trying (and failing) to get some kind of business/side project/get-rich-eventually scheme off the ground for over 12 years.

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