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Articles covering a range of subjects including LMS software, e-Learning guides & techniques, and an in-depth look at the trials and tribulations of running a small, self-funded software as a service business.

A Long Awaited Update

02 Nov 2013

In my last blog entry I apologised for the four month delay between blog posts. This time I’ve let the blog go untouched for over a year! I think I owe you all a cake, or at least a hug.

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A Steaming Pile of Updates

27 Apr 2012

Wow. I’ve just finished pushing a whole load of BugMuncher updates live, and over all the update process went pretty well (famous last words?).

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Welcome to the BugMuncher blog

24 Apr 2012

Welcome to the new BugMuncher blog. This blog will be used to inform about updates and changes to BugMuncher, as well as articles about effective use of BugMuncher, running an online business, and anything else that BugMuncher customers may find interesting.

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