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10 Things you should do before making a website live

15 Sep 2015

Whether it’s a brand new website, or just a new version of an existing site, I find going live is a lot like getting dressed in the morning - I’m probably gonna forget something. Over the last 10 or so years of website development I’ve gotten pretty good at making things live without issue, and developed a sort of mental check list of things to do before going live. I thought I’d share my check list here, and of course if you have anything you think I should add, leave a comment at the end of the listicle.

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How to get your Startup a great Intro Video for less than $200

08 Sep 2015

It seems these days that a fancy animated intro video is a vital part of any startup's home page. After all, intro videos a great way to tell your story, and quickly show people what your company does. Thankfully you don't need to pay a specialist animation studio upwards of $10,000 to jump on this bandwagon. In fact I'm going to show you how I was able to create this intro video for BugMuncher myself, for less than $200.

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Fullpage screenshots with Selenium Webdriver in Chrome and Safari

01 Sep 2015

BugMuncher makes use of Selenium to create accurate screenshots in over 500 different browser / operating system combinations. The problem I (and many Selenium users) face is that the drivers for selenium are not consistent in how they take screenshots. Most browser drivers in Selenium take a screenshot of the entire webpage, but version 2 of the Chrome driver, as well as the Safari driver only take screenshots of the viewport.

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Finally - BugMuncher has per-highlight descriptions

04 Aug 2015

This was one of the most common feature requests I would receive for BugMuncher - the ability to describe each individual highlight, rather than just have one description for the whole feedback report. This was always something I wanted to implement, and has been on my mind for long time.

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Conditionally Disabling Database Sessions in Ruby on Rails 3

13 Jul 2015

I’ll start with the obvious: Why would you want to conditionally disable database sessions in Ruby on Rails 3? It’s a problem I’ve faced with BugMuncher for a long time, but for a different reason than most. The most common reason people want this is to stop sessions being created for web crawlers (bots). Here’s a couple of people having this issue - this person and this one too.

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Can Everyone See the Edit Button? - A lesson in User Experience

01 Jul 2014

Firstly, an apology - It’s been a little while since I last posted here, I’ve got a nice long list of forthcoming blog posts, but had no time to write them.

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Username or Email Address for Web App Log In?

28 Jan 2014

Today I went to log into my Survey Monkey Account, and I was presented with something I hate to see on log in forms:

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Should you require a Credit Card for a Free Trial?

11 Dec 2013

It’s a question as old as the SaaS business model itself - Should you require customers to enter their credit card details in order to sign up for a free trial?

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Making BugMuncher faster without making BugMuncher faster

10 Dec 2013

I love a good paradox, and I think the title of this blog post definitely qualifies. I’ve just pushed a change live that reduces wait time when using BugMuncher by up to a minute, without actually making anything on the back end quicker.

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BugMuncher Custom Data

04 Dec 2013

BugMuncher customers on the Corporate Plan can now send custom data with feedback reports. This means you can send absolutely any data you like with your feedback reports, and this data will be stored along with your feedback and screenshot.

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